“Getting rid of the box”

Thinking outside the box is a modern cliché, but that’s how I’d describe my professional history for the past 10 years. Developing, documenting and rationalising best practices, while constantly learning new things by simply doing them. But… I’m currently leaning towards the idea that we should get rid of those boxes in the first place.

I’m a creative technologist in the field of audiovisual media production. My skill set consists of large variety of planning, producing and publishing tools and practices. Lately I’ve explored cloud-based tools (Google Workspaces & Google Cloud Platform & Wevideo) and different aspects of something we loosely call metaverse, which is still waiting to be defined.

Since 2017 I’ve been very interested in XR, such as immersive 360°/VR storytelling, augmented reality and telepresence solutions. I gladly share my knowledge and experiences of these topics via lectures, workshops or public speaking in general.