Stock images from Finland

Welcome to browse a growing selection of my best images. All shot with love and passion to photography, processed and hand-picked by me. I researched several micro stock options before building this webshop.  Running a shop of my own seems the best and most flexible way to make my work available.

I offer several different licenses. Private and Blogger are cost effective for individuals, whether you want to use full size pictures to create home decoration items or boost your social media posts or blogs. Blogger limits the image size to 1280 x 1280px, which is plenty enough for most digital applications. If you have a special need for higher resolution in your private project, such as a book, please contact me.

Most of the pictures can be published with Editorial license. Outstanding and relevant local imagery to support commercial publications such as magazines, newspapers, corporate blogs, annual reports etc. Remember to add credits while using this license!

For marketing purposes you can choose between Marketing or Campaign licenses. Marketing is suitable for one time ads, public presentations, company websites and landing pages, web banners and printed advertisement.

Campaign extends the Marketing license. With this license you can create long term omni-channel marketing campaigns or use image on physical prints such as packaging. With Campaign license you can use the image as many times you like during one year licensing period.

Social media use is included in all licenses (except Private). Some licenses are one time use only, but you can publish simultaneously on many different platforms and channels as long as the image is part of the same project or publication.

New images can also be licensed exclusively or with a custom tailored license. Please contact for special inquiries.

If you have a non-commercial / student project or you’d like to license several pictures at once, please send me a request for a discount coupon.